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PSA - Holiday Family Personalized Stamp - PSA-1032

PSA - Holiday Family Personalized Stamp - PSA-1032

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To personalize this stamp:

After choosing this stamp image, you will personalize it on the Shopping Cart page:

When you go to the Shopping Cart Page:

  • Type in the amount of Boy, Girl, Men and/or Women Heads and any personalization you want on the Shopping Cart page under "Comments". For example, you can make a stamp with 3 girl heads, 1 boy head, and 2 men heads, followed by the name and address. However, no names can be printed under specific heads. See below.
  • Double-check your spelling. The stamp wording will be exactly as you type it, including upper and lower case letters and punctuation. We cannot be responsible for misspellings.
  • Put a "/" mark when you want to go to a new line. For example, 1 boy/ 3 girls/ 2 men/name/address/city, state, zip. We will arrange it.
Please read this ENTIRE SECTION BELOW before ordering.
SCROLL DOWN to read it all:
  • Limit 4 lines of type (Maximum 20 letters and spaces per line)
  • This image can be personalized with an address
  • The wording and head images can be changed according to your own family group
  • Samples shown below are just suggestions - you can use however many types and sizes of heads you want and whatever wording you want (within reason!)
  • Die is made from clear Polymer, not rubber
  • Personalized Stamps are charged to your credit card at the time the order is placed. Allow up to 2 weeks for delivery.
  • There are no returns on Personalized Stamps. If we make a mistake on the stamp we will re-do the stamp die for you at no charge.