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Mini Handbag Calendar Magnet - Cute!


Handbag? Pocketbook? Purse? Whatever we ladies call them, we love them!

Here is a fun and simple project for all the women in our lives. These make a perfect little gift or gift tag for the holidays, or a wonderful party favor, bazaar item or giveaway. You can try other variations depending on the paper punches that you have available. This is a good project to use up those scraps that are just a little too big to throw away!

You need:

  • Solid and Print Paper or Card Stock (Two-sided Paper is also great for this)
  • Paper Punches : we used a Tag Punch that is 2-1/8" x 3-1/4", a Scallop Oval Punch, and a plain Oval Punch that is a little bit smaller than the Scallop Oval Punch and fits inside it. You can use whatever similar punches you have.
  • 1/4" Red Liner Double-Sided Tape  or glue
  • Pearls, Rhinestones, Ribbon, whatever trims you have
  • Magnet or Magnet Sheet 
  • Small Size 2018 Self-Stick Calendar Pad


1. Punch out tag. (In the picture the bottom is 2-sided card stock. If you have 2 different papers, punch them both out and glue or tape them together):

2. Fold over top to make a flap. (Use a bone folder to score before folding if you are using card stock.)

3. Glue down flap

4. To make Handle: Punch out a Plain Oval. Then place the larger Oval Scallop Punch over the hole left from the Oval Punch and punch it out. You will have a scalloped oval with an oval hole in the center. (If you don't have punches you can cut out an oval with decorative scissors, cut it in half, and cut out the center with regular scissors):

5. Attach Handle to the back with tape:

6. Add Calendar

7. Stamp and decorate with pearls and trims

8. Add magnet to the back.

Done! You can attach it to your refrigerator, dashboard, or anyplace that a magnet will stick. Isn't it adorable?

Here are more finished samples:


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