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Christmas Shadowbox with Red Pickup Truck and Trailer

I went into Dollar Tree the other day just to get a few of the Red Pickup Truck Ornaments.

Of course I had to look around at the other Christmas stuff they had just put out. I saw the Trailer Ornaments and realized they were in perfect proportion with the Pickups. The wheels in my head started turning and I came up with this project.

This is the blog with step-by-step instructions for our Shadowbox Frame with the Red Pickup Truck and Trailer.

I also created an instructional video. If you would like to watch the video here is the link: 

Vippies Shadowbox Video

Here are the supplies you will need:

From Dollar Tree:

Red Pickup Truck Ornaments
Trailer Ornaments
Ho Ho Ho Box Sign (or any other sign that size. It doesn't matter because
you will be using the back of the sign) It has to be a Box Sign that is deep enough to fit the Trailer.
Peace Hope Love Sign (or any sign you have that will fit)
Acrylic Craft Paint


Mod Podge

You will also need a Paint Brush, Heavy Card Stock or Cardboard, Cooking Parchment Paper,
Glue Gun, Glue Sticks, some Florals


1. Choose a napkin for the background for the truck and trailer. Scenes work best. 
Here is the link to a nice one that we have in stock: Background Napkin


2. Cut a piece of Card Stock or cardboard, to fit the inside of the frame.
(Inner dimensions)


3. Using Paintbrush put 2 coats of Mod Podge on the card. Let dry between each coat.
(The card might warp but it will be flat when it dries.)


4. Paint the inside of the Box Frame and the outside Frame. You do not have to
paint the bottom of the Box Frame as it will be covered by the Card.


5. Separate the two back plies from the front ply (the one with the image).
You only need the top ply.


6. Cut two pieces of Cooking Parchment Paper. On an ironing board
place one sheet of Parchment Paper. Place the Card on top of the Parchment.
Place the Napkin on top of the Card. You should be able to see the Card thru
the Napkin so that the Napkin can be centered correctly.


7. Place the other sheet of Parchment on top of the Napkin.


8. Set Iron to Medium Heat, no steam. Iron across the card a couple of times
just for a few seconds. That is all you need for the glue to melt and
the Napkin to stick to the Card.


9. Carefully remove the Card with a pot holder to protect your hand. It will be hot!


10. Trim the excess Napkin off the edge of the Card.


11. Hot Glue the Card inside the Box.


12. Glue the Trailer and Truck in place with the Hot Glue Gun. Add fiberfill for "snow",
a Word Sign and some florals. 

Your Shadowbox is now done! Step back and admire it!

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